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Personal info
My name is Slobodyan Vyacheslav (or short - Slava, Slavik) Valeryavich. I was born in 9 july of 1979 year. I was growing and alive now in Moscow city. My surname come to me from father from West Ukraine, so I didnt have any caucasus roots (or fundaments?)..

I learn in Moscow Aviation Institue at faculty number 8 (applied mathematics and programming). At day section. Future profession is some engineer-mathematician. Because of work I rarely was in institute.


At one time I was finish the 1-st music school (he has name of Prokofiev). Через много лет образование дало о себе знать - потихоньку появляются аудиофильские замашки, любовь к классике, опере, и др. .. =) Тем не менее, слушаю музыку почти из всех направлений. В зависимости от вкусов и настроения в данный момент могут нравиться: Guano Apes, Metallica, Eminem, some popular (ie, russian Katya Lel, "Goroshini"), some by russian Black Obelisk (particularly "Cesar"), Sade (blues), Mylene Farmer, some from russian DDT (Black dog Peterburg, White night, other), and many-many other... Наиболее постоянной любовью в последнее время у меня пользуются: Nightwish, Sarah Brightman, russian Lyube, selected classic (include from Bach, Paganini, Mocart and many other). Любимый эстрадный певец - Лев Лещенко.



Bad habits
I have no bad habits.. =)

Foreign languages
Born language: Russian
First foreign languages, that I was learn is German. And I was an excellent student. After some time I was change the school. Then she has brave name "aero-cosmic". But really some classes was teached by teachers from Moscow Aviation Institute. In this school was only English from foreign languages. And I was must learn foreign language all over again. At present English is my main foreign language. I was forget the German language.


Other information
Long time I was learn psychology, philosophy, parapsychology, theory of east single combat and some practices.. In institute I was lecture on schizo-analysis (machine instinctive), later on this I was very interested in psycho-synthesis. So now I share his opinion, that was described by Roberto Assadzholi in his book "Psycho-synthesis". But not opinions of Yung or Freid.. =)

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My photos:

Photo was make on birthday of my friend Michael, 4-th april of 1998 year. I sit in front of his computer, and gaming in NFS 2 SE. Photo by Michael. In his room.

Photo from Michael birtday, but year later (1999). On photo: me by left, Michael in center, and Tanya (she was our classmate in school) by right.

This photo was make in apartment of my familiar Vlad, who was my classmate in institute. There was meeting of people from our FTN Wind-net. 1999 year. Photo was make in kitchen by Vlad.

This photo also was make on meeting by our FTN-net at Vlad. And also was in his kitchen. 1999 year.

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My folks:
My brother and guinea pig. About 1998-1999 year.
Pig is real and alive, but rose to yours paws and mouth I put by computer montage.. =)
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