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Site is under construction and merge of sections, which used to be separate before. Therefore, it is actively changing now, and some incorrect information is probable to appear. Sorry for inconvenience. You are welcome to express your opinions dealing with the site, its design, etc. in my guestbook or via E-mail (See "Contacts" section).

=== Fresh news is under construction ===

I released SiteCompiler file console v.0.3. The published archive contains sources of program, binary executable file, documentation, and an adapted sample of a real site, that is compiled using this program. SiteCompiler was already published on From now on, I will announce Getleft releases not only on the present site, but also on Freshmeat.

Now you have the possibility to read the site in English. In the meantime, I'm preparing to the release of SiteCompiler - I'm working out the documentation and a sample site, which will be included into archive of this program. Besides, I've got the idea to write an envelope for English-Russian and Russian-English dictionaries.

Andres has finally released the first version of the Getleft program!!! It was under construction about three years and half. Congratulations!!! I must say that I've E-mailed my personal congratulations to Andres. J If you need a program that will download a site for offline surfing or a certain site has many links to necessary files, or maybe you want to work in Russian (or in other wide-spread language), you now work under Linux or Windows - so don't wait to download Getleft program. You are welcome to E-mail your opinions either to the author or to me (if you prefer to write in Russian). Also, I would highly appreciate your feedback about quality of Russian localization.

Mark released lineakd 0.2 and lineakconfig 0.1. These are parts of the LinEAK (Linux support for Easy Access and Internet Keyboards) project, designed for easy work with "multimedia" non-standard keyboards under OS Linux. Earlier I've sent scancodes of my SVEN Ergonomic 2500 keyboard to Mark. We established that this release supports my keyboard as well. Homepage of the LinEAK project is: .

This site was finish for compiling by my SiteCompiler file console.

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