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Site Compiler
Programm is analogue of my early project Slavik's HTML Parser, porting to OS Linux and revised (sources was full rewrited). Development will in Kylix 2 Open Edition. Distribute under GPL 2.
Site Compiler is designed to facilitate easy and flexible offline management of Web sites, which are in plain HTML format (not CGI, ASP, PHP etc.). It is targeted at small firms and users of free servers, where databases and CGI are forbidden. It allows you to easily and quickly compile the site from templates and content files. It processes relative links, optimization of HTML, additional instructions, and validates local links.

Now is only console version of this programm. It is lets to work with programm on slow computers without graphic interface.

Apart from here, I usually announce SiteCompiler releases in these sites: (Section: Internet, WWW/HTTP, Site Management Text Processing, Markup, HTML)

Last version: 0.3
Download: SiteCompiler_f_console.tar.bz2.
This archive contain sources of programm, binary executable file, documentation and sample of real site (with sources, output and other files), that was be simplify for easy understanding.

En-Ru-En Dictionaries for Linux
This programm is envelope for english-russian and russian-english dictionaries. Development will in Kylix 2 Open Edition. Distribute under GPL 2.
Programm is now in development.

Short name: Lin_dict
Last version: 0.2 alfa
Download: unavailable
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Localisations, joint and someone else projects:
Proramm is designed for downloading of sites partially or fully. Written by Spaniard Andres Garcia. I localized this programm to Russian and testing it. I plan here support for users of this programm, gathering their feedbacks and messages for send to Andres or discuss on this site. Please send to me yours notes, wishes, messages about errors, questions about this programm.
You can download this programm from .

LinEAK project
Daemon, setup tool with GUI and other for easy and flexible configurable access to features of "multimedia" (extended) keyboards under Linux. .

Wallpapers (images for desktop) from ASPLinux
Hungry messages was written on ASPLinux forum about size of wallapapers from
I was converting this images and upload result with useful size to server..

1024x768, 438 Kb
800x600, 289 Kb

1600x1200, 1 357 Kb
1024x768, 471 Kb
800x600, 305 Kb

1024x768, 218 Kb
800x600, 132 Kb

1600x1200, 798 Kb
1024x768, 382 Kb
800x600, 263 Kb

1600x1200, 282 Kb
1024x768, 243 Kb
800x600, 136 Kb

1600x1200, 1 718 Kb
1024x768, 682 Kb
800x600, 509 Kb

1024x768, 423 Kb
800x600, 291 Kb

1600x1200, 162 Kb
1024x768, 72 Kb
800x600, 52 Kb

1024x768, 633 Kb
800x600, 395 Kb
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Closed projects:
All programms was written for OS Windows. Most programms now is not actually for me. This list only is information about my early projects..

Abrico Products - programms for Abrico firm, lets comfortably work with database of goods in price-list form, synchronize bases on different computers via floppy, and publish price-lists in Internet.

Assistant of user v.2.1 - assistant of user =). Notebook (sections, lets work with notes almost as MS Word with *.doc files, that is to say text can have different color and size, capacity inserting images and OLE objects) integrated with phonebook with dialer, indicators of free resources (fine strip, which showing free RAM, space on HDD and other), executor of sheduler. Intuitive programm with easy and flexible setup.

Slavik's HTML Parser 1.9 - Programm designed for compiling HTML-files from templates and "partially" files (for flexible and easy managing and creation of site content and design), writing result to destination files or by default, optimizing HTML-files. Flexible setup, operations over files, directories, list of results, process files, statistics, "safe" moving file with changing relative links in this file and other.. I creating my sites exactly with this programm.

Chair806 (was Timetable 2000) - organize work of chair 806 in institute. Microsoft Excel document.

ExpResExplorer v.1.0 - Programm lets extract resources (sound, video, images, icons and other) from Win32 executable files. Programm can extract full section of resources (for example, all images).

Slavik's Digital(WinAmp scin) - repaint scin, may be Digital Fusio. Designed for WinAmp.

RunMailer v.2.0 - Programm lets flexible control start mailer or any other programm by power on/off of external modem. For Windows 95/98.

DateCrack v.1.0 - Programm lets running trial (disable limit time of using) programm and solve problem "2K" (2000 year) for all programms by automatic set selected date before starting programm and return date to normal after programm finish. For Windows 95/98.

EasyFReq v.1.0 alfa - for people, who want downloading many files from FIDO-net. Programm lets generate file requests from part of file list.

FIDO Commander - for "FIDO-people", who using packet T-Mail - Golded - Rafael - FastEcho - AllFix. Programm lets visual setup many options, starting programm from this packet. Possible inserting other programms to this packet.

Slav-Commander'97 - environment (file manager) for work with files, analogue of Norton/Volcov Commander. Final version.
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